Online Coding Courses for Kids

As we educate for the future, coding is going to be critical in shifting our kids from digital consumers to digital creators.

kids who code | Tanya McKey
kids who code

Embracing digital literacy

Coding is no longer a skill reserved for the tech inclined. The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by a rapidly developing technological environment in which disruptive technologies, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the way we exercise, play, study and live, and equipping our kids with coding skills is critical in shifting our kids from being digital consumers to digital creators.

In the future, coding will be a fundamental digital skill which our children will need to be literate in, much the same way we prepare our children with language, numeracy and physical skills and the best way to prepare our kids for the future is to teach them a skill that promotes learning, problem solving and creativity – all core skills that will be in demand for the future.

Empowering kids by leveraging technology

kids who code

Coding for the future

Online coding lessons for kids is a great way to help turn kids’ natural interests in digital media into productive learning activities. By teaching kids how to code, we open them up to a world of app development, robotics and digital expression, encouraging creativity and problem solving in a fun way that not only inspires learning but also promotes healthy and productive screen time.

Kids who code develop core skills that will give them a head-start for the digital future

Coding gives young people the tools they will need to play an active role as innovators in the digital world. Kids who code:

  • develop logical, process-oriented and critical thinking skills;
  • learn to solve problems in a creative way;
  • are equipped to create unlimited opportunities for themselves in the digital future and
  • build confidence in their abilities to communicate and create with and in the world.
kids who code

Learn by doing

There is no doubt about the benefits of teaching kids to code, it's just a matter of when we start to teach them.

Why we LOVE Tekkie Uni’s coding courses for kids?

Give your kid the gift of code and give them a head start for the future.

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